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Travelling to and from school

We encourage you where possible, to ‘leave the car at home’ and consider your transport options when travelling to and from school.

Park, walk or ride

To build on a healthy and active lifestyle we suggest you walk, scoot or cycle to school. Even once a week will make a difference.

Walking, cycling and scooting

There is a large bicycle cage situated on the school oval. This is locked during the day for added security. We also have bike racks and scooter parking on the Keogh Street entrance, however students are encouraged to utilise the secure bike cage on the oval. Please ensure that your children wear a bicycle helmet when riding to school, and securely lock their bicycles or scooters at all times. Scooters are able to be stored at the bicycle parking area.

Where to safely drop off your children?

A two-minute drop-off zone is located in Rainbow Street. In order to keep this area free of congestion, particularly between 8.10am-8.40am and 2.30pm-3.00pm we ask that you comply with the two-minute regulation, and utilise the school and on-street car parks where additional time is required.

Two minute 'Drop-Off Zone'


  • Pick-up or drop-off children via the car’s kerb doors;

  • Drive out safely; and

  • If your children are not waiting for you, we ask that you do not park in the two minute drop-off zone.

Do not:

  • Get out of your vehicle;

  • Double park 

  • Stay more than 2 minutes;

  • Arrive early in the afternoon and sit in the zone; and 

  • Let your children put bags in boots – place bags on the floor of the car.

Lunn Street Staff carpark

In the interests of safety, we ask that you do not enter the Sandgate State School staff carpark on Lunn Street. The carpark is for departmental employees and delivery vehicles.

On-street parking locations at Sandgate State School

With a high volume of vehicles and competition for limited parking spaces during peak afternoon pick up times, our school experiences difficulties associated with congestion.

General parking considerations

Please choose safety over convenience every day when deciding where and how you park to collect children and be considerate of all residents in our community when parking to collect children. We are all role models to our children, please remember the following:

  • Yellow edge lines: It is illegal to stop or park on any yellow edge line;

  • Double parking: Creates visual obstructions – find a legal space to park your car;

  • Loading Zones: Plan your trip to avoid arrival at peak times; and

  • Full car park/Queuing: If the car park is full when you arrive, do not double park or block other vehicles, this causes congestion and blocks the view of pedestrians.

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Last reviewed 26 June 2020
Last updated 26 June 2020