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What is the P&C?

The Parents and Citizens Association – known fondly as the P&C – is a voluntary, not-for-profit, organisation affiliated directly with the school.  It represents adults from the community, especially the parents and guardians of students at the school.

As per the P&C constitution, which is approved and ratified by the DET Regional Executive Director, its object is to “Promote the interests, and facilitate the development and further improvement, of the school”.

How does the P&C do this?

The P&C helps foster the general community interest in educational matters at the school, and brings closer co-operation between the parents, community members, staff and students. It also participates in assisting the school help implement projects through its voluntary resources. The P&C also provides supplemental income to the school through its fundraising efforts, e.g. Carnivale and through donations or sponsorships, e.g. loyalty shopping programs and from various grants available only through the direct request by the P&C.

What is the P&C’s structure?

Like any volunteer organisation that you would familiar with, the P&C has a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chair people for sub-committees. The Principal is also a member of the P&C.

The P&C sub-committees have been formed so that the P&C can deliver on those commitments above. Some of the better-known P&C sub-committees are the Tuckshop, the Music Supporter’s Group, and the Uniform Shop. The P&C is also represented on a number of school committees, e.g. School Environmental Management Plan committee and the Work Place Health and Safety committee.

The P&C conducts monthly general meetings (second Monday of each month), where important issues are put forward, robustly discussed, and then voted upon. Your attendance is always worthwhile.  The distribution of the wealth organised by the P&C goes straight back into improving the school, e.g. classroom refits, computing projects, musical instruments etc. The P&C makes a huge difference to help improve the school, and it all depends upon volunteers from the community, both from school and the Sandgate region. To become a member of the P&C fill out the membership form and lodge it at a General Meeting.  All members must abide by the P and C Code Of Conduct.

2019 P&C Executive:

President – Kane Jacobson
Vice President – Amanda Jackes
Secretary - Paul Kanowski
Treasurer - Thiviya Karunakaran
Communications and social media - Brooke Jacobson
Representative on chaplaincy committee - Pippa van Wijk
Representative on active travel committee - Claudia Lawson
School banking coordinators - Sharon Spathonis and Mary-Ellen Mawson
PandC Executive Pic.PNG

Left to Right:  Amanda Jackes, Thiviya Karunakaran, Kane Jacobson & Paul Kanowski.

For any enquiries please contact the P&C.