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Homework should be set with the following purposes in mind:

  1. To communicate with parents the type of work being covered at school.
  2. To assist develop self-responsibility.
  3. To provide additional practice and reinforce learning.
  4. No child will be penalised for not completing their homework but they and their parent/carers will actively be encouraged to support the policy of our school and the class teacher expectations. 

We agree that:

  • Home Reading should form a part of all homework tasks for all year levels.
  • Homework will consist of previously taught concepts.
  • Teacher prepared contract style homework is acceptable.
  • The use of commercially produced homework contract books is not acceptable.
  • Homework, should be marked promptly.
  • Teachers are to be mindful of individual circumstances where homework imposes a significant burden upon families. The changing demands placed upon modern families require teachers to adopt a flexible approach with the administration and delivery of homework tasks.
  • Parents can help by reading to children or listening to them read, talking with them and involving them in tasks at home. They can help them to complete tasks by discussing key questions or by directing them to resources. Encouraging students to use the online programs of Mathletics and Reading Eggs/Eggspress when they have finished set homework will further assist their progress.

Teachers would set homework for 4 nights per week within the following nightly time limits:

  • Prep - 10 minutes homework with 10 mins reading in term 2.
  • Years 1/2 - 10 minutes homework with 10 minutes reading.
  • Years 3/4 - 20-25 minutes with 10 mins reading.
  • Years 5/6 - 25-30 minutes with 20 mins reading.

Suggested suitable content for each year level:

  • Prep - Reading, phonics, sight words
  • Year 1/2 - Reading, spelling / sight words, number facts
  • Year 3/4 - Reading, spelling number facts, written maths
  • Year 5/6 - Reading, spelling, number facts, written math, English written tasks, research tasks

Individual differences to be catered for by:

  • Using individual spelling lists and reading levels.
  • Setting separate work for differing ability levels.
  • Discussing additional homework tasks with parents who request it.